A Great Co-Development Story

The APTIS DRUJ Prosthesis Total Joint Replacement

Wrist The APTIS DRUJ (Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint) total replacement is a revolutionary implant developed by Dr. Luis Scheker with the support of PPM’s engineering group. The Scheker DRUJ prosthesis is the only device that completely replaces all the functions of this joint.

Dr. Scheker came to PPI with a remarkable concept and a prototype that was not ready for the marketplace. After careful evaluation, we realized there was much to be done to prepare this implant to meet manufacturing, supply chain and regulatory compliance requirements. Our engineering team was excited and more than ready to meet this challenge. They utilized their in-depth engineering and manufacturing expertise to develop a functional process plan, inspection criteria and gauges. Ultimately, our group delivered solutions necessary to ensure the innovative implant was market ready on all fronts. Noteworthy highlights for the Aptis DRUJ:

  • Manufactured from a Cobalt Chrome Billet.
    Photo Credit: Aptis Medical 2015

    Photo Credit: Aptis Medical 2015

  • Tapered doubled lead threads.
  • Tight tolerance components are held to .0005″.
  • Has a surface roughness of 4 µ Ra.

The development of this implant truly showcases PPM’s
turnkey services and broad-ranging capabilities. However, the real success story lies in what we accomplished in partnership with Aptis Medical.

The 2nd generation Aptis DRUJ is scheduled to be released in the very near future. For more information on the Aptis DRUJ, visit www.aptismedical.com.

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