Form and Function With Style

When Case & Tray Artistry Meets Engineering Innovation – Great Things Happen

Our Delivery System team it having a banner year, creating eye-catching designs that have such depth and artistry they make you stop and stare.

I had a chance to speak with our engineering team and asked how difficult it is to create such beautiful cases. One team member replied, “honestly, it begins with understanding our individual customers’ needs and goals. Asking the right questions and digging until we’re sure we understand percent.”

What our Delivery Systems team does every day takes a tremendous amount of creativity and talent. Every project is different, which makes the job both challenging and rewarding. There are always so many things to consider before they put ‘pen to paper’ so to speak. For example:

  • Does the client need a high impact design solution or innovation?
  • Will a totally unique function or feature impact their branding strategy?
  • Or, do they need a new way to highlight their brand at a price point that won’t compromise the budget?
  • Do they need us to deconstruct or re-engineer what they already have in order to find a more efficient way to manufacture a system for speed and/or cost-effectiveness?

Our team says it’s all about communication, a trusting relationship, and rapport. They truly make a dedicated effort to cultivate solid relationships with every customer, consistently. President of operations (Delivery Systems Division), Mike Phillips says, “this is what we strive for, to become an extension of our OEMs’ internal team. When we do, you see the results clearly in the final product. What’s also exciting is that by either customer need or circumstance, every so often you get the opportunity to take a chance and do something really different. Those times are both memorable and exciting”.

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