Surgical Sophistication by Mark Crawford @ODTmagazine

Great article by Mark Crawford, a full-time freelance business and marketing/communications writer for ODT Magazine. Our executive team was happy to participate in a discussion about complex procedures, robotic systems, and infection prevention that are driving innovation in surgical instrumentation.

Article Excerpt:

Surgical instrumentation continues to be a strong market within the orthopedic industry. Aging baby boomers, who are eager to stay active, are keenly interested in orthopedic products. They have high expectations for joint surgeries; combined with the Affordable Care Act’s emphasis on improved patient outcomes, and cost-saving initiatives by healthcare systems, these impactors drive innovation and sales for orthopedic OEMs and their supply-chain partners. Growth is also fueled by numerous mergers and acquisitions within the industry. Leaders in the orthopedic space continue to diversify through acquisition so they can capitalize on growth opportunities. With solid business models and proven track records, they can offer a broader line of products, including legacy devices, which generate more sales growth.

“Additive manufacturing is completely redefining what’s possible in the medical device sector,” added John Phillips. “It is becoming more accepted by the FDA and OEMs for the manufacture of medical devices, and will no doubt continue [to] evolve and gain traction—from small components that are difficult to manufacture conventionally to lattice structures that promote bone growth to the implant. We are actively working with OEM clients to produce such products.”

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