Lean Manufacturing

Phillips Precision Medicraft has a history of innovation and a critical understanding of how to bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing. To meet the rigorous demands of an ever-changing global orthopedic marketplace, we maintain a culture of continuous improvement with LEAN Manufacturing disciplines. By fully integrating continuous improvement efforts with value stream partnerships we are able to adapt our business to fit our customer’s needs. A critical step in the process.

From the start of our continuous improvement journey a few short years ago, our manufacturing facility and its associates have made great strides with the implementation of 5S and Continuous Improvement methodologies. The level of awareness has been heightened, with ideas being discussed, exchanged and improvements implemented. 5S meetings and Audits are now being conducted by the associates as we continue to work towards self-directed work teams.

As a result, our advanced manufacturing operations are more adaptive, flexible, productive and capable. Service-driven programs like these help us to create highly customized solutions for the OEMs we serve:

  • Our own unique brand of DFM (design for Manufacturability)
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Program
  • Rapid Prototyping and Fast-track manufacturing (for select OEMs)

Our mission is to manufacture world-class products and create custom solutions to realize an OEM’s complete vision and support their efforts to maintain a critical competitive advantage.