Proudly Sponsoring Youth Driving Team Joe and Justin Aungst

Today our implant and instrumentation division was happy to welcome Team Aungst to our Elmwood Park facility. Brother's Justin and Joey travel around the country with their father Joe, a veteran member of our Welding Department, and their biggest fan Baby, their mom. Justin age 11 and Joey age 9 compete in the Bandolero

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Manufacturing Innovation to Support America’s First Responders

The LIFELINE™ Tactical Self-Extrication tool is a one-of-a-kind device designed by firefighters to protect firefighters. The concept of the LIFELINE ™ Tool was originally created by Fire and Safety Innovations owners, James Counsellor. Jay has been a firefighter for the past twenty-two years and is the ex-assistant fire chief of the municipality of Hawthorne in

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In Memory of Raymond Mount

On August 29th we lost a great man, team member, and friend. Raymond Mount was General Operations Manager at PPI and supported our organization since February 1, 2008. May his memory lift his family, friends and colleagues as we move through our daily lives. "Rest in peace Raymond, you will be deeply missed." All of

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Fast-Track Manufacturing – part 2

A Step Beyond Rapid Prototyping As we look back the many manufacturing projects from last year and prepare to launch programs and services for 2017, our thoughts came back to one specific project, with good reason. More than any other year, 2016 showcased the flexibility and adaptability of our engineering and manufacturing departments. Last April,

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Form and Function With Style

When Case & Tray Artistry Meets Engineering Innovation - Great Things Happen Our Delivery System team it having a banner year, creating eye-catching designs that have such depth and artistry they make you stop and stare. I had a chance to speak with our engineering team and asked how difficult it is to create such

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Are You Ready For UDI Implementation? DCG Technology Makes Compliance Easy The U.S. FDA published its rule for Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulations in the United States. All Class III and Class II medical device manufacturers will be required to implement these new regulations. Our Delivery Systems Division is prepared to ensure that our customers

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Fast-Track Manufacturing

A Step Beyond Rapid Prototyping Our commitment to developing custom solutions for OEMs is based on two distinct factors: 1) customer need and 2) promoting organic growth and the evolution of 5S and Lean Continuous Improvement efforts.  Both have cultivated the kind of diverse and adaptable manufacturing environment that makes offering unique custom solutions possible.

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The Art of Finishing

Creating Custom Solutions to Meet OEM Needs We’ve always said that quality products start with quality relationships. The following additive manufacturing initiative is a testament to that belief. Each additive manufacturing product has its own unique challenges. In some cases, the geometry is difficult to produce using conventional manufacturing methods such as milling, turning or

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Medicraft Now Offers Aesculap® Cases

Expanding Our Services To Complement Existing Capabilities The delivery systems division of Phillips Precision Medicraft announced that it will now offer Aesculap® rigid reusable container systems to extend its capabilities and complement the wide variety of custom cases and trays they manufacture today. For more information, contact our business development team.

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A Great Co-Development Story

The APTIS DRUJ Prosthesis Total Joint Replacement Wrist The APTIS DRUJ (Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint) total replacement is a revolutionary implant developed by Dr. Luis Scheker with the support of PPM's engineering group. The Scheker DRUJ prosthesis is the only device that completely replaces all the functions of this joint. Dr. Scheker came to PPI with

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Continuous Improvement Update

Lean Manufacturing Methodologies Result in Favorable Purchase Programs for OEMs Continuous improvement efforts continue to evolve and allow us to better serve our customers. By applying value stream methodologies, we are able create capacity for products that meet specific lean manufacturing criteria. Once a product or family of products meets this criteria, it is identified

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Product Delivered in 48 Hours…Really!

Lean Manufacturing Methodology Leads to Favorable Purchasing Programs for OEMs PPM has always taken a partnership approach with our customers. In doing so, we've been able to continually adapt our business to fit their needs. This year our continuous improvement efforts have resulted in the development of KANBAN pull systems and vendor managed inventory programs

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Designing and Engineering Delivery Systems, Cases & Trays – What’s Really Important?

Uncovering the value behind winning partnerships "The one thing we know about delivery systems manufacturing is that all our customers' needs and objectives are very different. However, our overall focus for every customer is the same - cost, creativity, ease of manufacturing and delivery - it all starts here," says Ian Trotman, engineering director. "Our

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Meeting Manufacturing Challenges with DFM (Design For Manufacturability)

High-Impact Engineering Services PPM has a well-established reputation for serving its orthopedic clients with the most comprehensive DFM service in the industry.  By partnering with our clients at the beginning of every new project, PPM employs a uniquely thorough evaluation process that leads to the simplification of supply-chain logistics while maintaining quality standards. Every PPM

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