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Reinventing Graphics Technology with DCG

Digital Contact Graphics™ is an innovative proprietary graphics technology that dramatically changes the way your products are presented, and how they communicate through our QR code technology. With impressive field performance and a much more durable, longer lasting, and less expensive option to traditional silk screening, most of our customers are converting to Digital Contact Graphics.

One Step Validated Process

Features and Benefits

  • 1-Step process means it’s fast and efficient
  • UDI code technology (now FDA required) – DCG™ Makes Compliance Easy
  • Meets European Autoclave Standards
  • Full 4-color, high-resolution, photo-realistic metal-fused graphics technology
  • QR code technology solution
  • Superior Scratch Resistance (even sterilization can not compromise its quality)
  • A Validated Process – DCG is the only validated process of its kind, supporting quality requirements and controls
  • Application – DCG can be applied anywhere, even on rounded corners
  • Costs Less than color anodizing and silk screening (when more than one color is used).

Field Performance Has Exceeded Customer Expectations ~ And Ours

  • In-house customer performance testing reports no noticeable wear on the instrument case after 100 autoclave cycles
  • More than 150,000 DCG products are in the field today, all performing as great as they look.

Innovation, Quality Standards, Lean Manufacturing, Superior Responsiveness.

That’s how we keep our competitive edge - and how we can help you keep yours.

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