Implant/Instrumentation Design and Engineering

Implant and Instrumentation DesignOur Expertise Is Yours

This is where your design objectives become manufacturing realities. PPM has a reputation for employing the most thorough DFM (design for manufacturability) processing in the industry. Our discussions may include material selection, dimensioning and tolerancing, inspection procedures, and component function to assure optimal product performance at the lowest cost.

Our DFM processing hinges upon two distinct advantages. First, each and every engineer has actual hands-on machining experience. This means they have an intimate knowledge of the precise abilities and capabilities of every machine in-house, giving them the expertise necessary to create fully custom solutions for each product request. Second, our staff has the benefit of producing a very broad range of products across all orthopedic product lines every day. There isn’t much we haven’t seen and solved.

Simply stated, DFM allows us to uncover and address manufacturing problems in advance and propose innovative solutions to produce consistently reliable,  repeatable, quality products, and foster customer relationships that result in greater ROI from concept to completion.