Implants/Instrumentation Capabilities

Phillips Precision Manufacturing

Continuous Growth,
Advanced Manufacturing,
A Highly Skilled Team.

It’s How We Maintain Our Competitive Edge…and Yours.

PPM has long been recognized as a leader in the manufacturing of advanced orthopedic implants and instrumentation. With the world’s most advanced machining equipment, the most sophisticated manufacturing technology, and the most experienced personnel in the industry, we have got what it takes to turn any engineer’s vision and design into a solid working reality.


Manufactured from the highest grade materials, including:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Cobalt Chrome
  • PEEK / Polyethylene


Our ISO13485, ISO9001 certified and FDA registered facilities provide the following services:

  • Design and Engineering
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturability)
  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)
  • Full Service High-end Manufacturing
  • Customer Service


Milling is the heart of Phillips Precision. Our Milling Department is unmatched in the custom-manufacturing industry. This is where all that computer-generated solid geometry and programming expertise really come to life. Most of our milling applications are designed and engineered to spin around not just four axes, but five. In this way, we can machine four to five sides of the piece in one operation. This reduces setups, which in turn improves accuracy and reduces costs.
Currently under extensive growth, our Screw Machine Division is dedicated to delivering excellence in the manufacture of small intricate parts that need to be completed in a single operation due to size, complexity and cost. With this increasingly popular technology in place, Phillips can tackle any product request. Currently, it’s being employed to manufacture a wide array of bone screws, locking devices, long-length instrumentation components, etc.
Established in 1993, our full service Wire and RAM Department is comprised of Mitsubishi Submersible Wire Machines and Agie RAM machines. With this highly sophisticated yet flexible array of machine technology, we are able to offer our customers an impressive range of design possibilities — well beyond what’s possible with conventional machining practices. Our EDM Department also provides our in-house engineers with a wide selection of advanced options for the layout, design and manufacture. As a result, we are able to reduce costs while creating a more accurate final product.
Our Design and Engineering Department is where our customers’ objectives are translated into realities of manufacturing. Our engineers first analyze the design, often offering suggestions that will simplify the manufacturing process to save our clients time and money. They then determine which machine resources and processes will be needed — and in which order — to transform the raw material into a finished piece. This is all translated into precise instructions for the equipment on the manufacturing floor. Once the process is finalized, the Electronic Project Management (EPM) system takes over.
Everything we manufacture must eventually pass through our Finishing Department. At Phillips, it is not enough for our work to be dimensionally sound; aesthetics are equally important to us and to our clients. For finishing operations that cannot be achieved by automated equipment, we maintain a staff of the most experienced hand finishers in the industry. They can also provide a superior final finish for implant requirements. All our other finishing techniques are handled by state-of-the-art automated equipment such as vibratory tumblers, centrifugal vibratory equipment, or automated glass bead equipment. These final automated finishing steps allow us to provide a consistent finish for every piece in the lot. Deburring Often the process calls for burrs to be removed by one of our skilled hand finishers using high-speed rotary tools. Vibratory Tumblers Most deburring can be handled by our vibratory tumblers. Parts are immersed in a specified abrasive medium, which is then vibrated at high speed to deburr the part, achieving a uniform finish on every part in the lot. Bead Blast Working inside a chamber with an air-pressurized gun, our technician carefully blasts the entire surface of the part with a fine mist of glass beads. The size of the beads and the specific air pressure determine the type and degree of finish.
PPM got its start in the medical device industry by focusing on manufacturing precision instrumentation for the installation of orthopedic implants. Over the past four decades, we have developed an extensive expertise in the manufacturing of complex multilevel assemblies. Our customers know they can expect exact fit and function for their instruments the very first time – with no costly and time-consuming rework required. Our highly experienced welding and assembly departments completely understand the function of each product. So if issues arise regarding a specific assembly’s function, we can contact our clients with recommendations on how to resolve the issues quickly to keep production on time and on budget.
Quality Assurance is crucial to Phillips Precision and our clients. The final inspection techniques are almost always dictated by the complexity of the geometry. Many parts require inspection with precision mechanical inspection equipment. Others can be inspected using automated equipment such as a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). This fully automated device uses a probe in 3-D space to dynamically analyze the dimensions of the finished product. These findings are then compared to the customer’s supplied geometry, and final QA reports can be supplied with the finished product. Our obsession with Quality Assurance translates into significant cost savings for our customers. We can provide comprehensive and accurate QA reports on the parts we ship (where applicable), and our customers soon learn that there is little need for extensive re-inspection on their end. They are able to get their product to market sooner, with no compromise to quality.
Great customer service is built on attitude and ability. We have a healthy supply of both. Our personnel fully appreciate the importance of our customers and are always willing to make the extra effort to accommodate special requests. In addition, Phillips has an unequalled ability to accommodate these requests. Our Electronic Project Management (EPM) system gives us comprehensive real-time visibility into every activity throughout our organization. We not only know exactly what’s happening with the customer’s project, we have the ability to adjust priorities “on the fly” to accommodate special requests. Our EPM provides us with a level of customer service that is unparalleled in the medical device industry.